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Evaluate, innovate, and rapidly plan for action

Define big goals, define success, unpack ideas, and analyse your best ideas. Take that first step.

Idea Accelerator’s intensive 2-part consulting package is built to identify the most profitable options for your business. 

With consultant Paul Wilson, set goals, select only the best ideas, and prioritise and plan for rapid implementation.
The Ideas 1: Evaluation and Planning* package:

  • 1 x idea storming consultation (90-120 mins) 
  • 1 x rapid idea planning consultation (90-120 mins) 
  • An Action Plan covering business goals, key priorities, and summary action plan

* All consults conducted in-person or via Skype

You leave armed with:

  • High-level assessment of your viable goals, priorities and ideas
  • Your best ideas identified and prioritised 
  • Rapid planning targets for your most valuable ideas

This package is designed for executives, managers, and business owners who need to activate their business.

For the low-risk fee of $795, Ideas 1: Evaluation and Planning teaches entrepreneurs how to mobilise resources simply and quickly. 

Ideas 1: Evaluation and Planning uses pragmatic solutions to challenges, and helps entrepreneurs gain innovative insights to move their business forward pragmatically.

Ideas 1: Evaluation and Planning is part of the structured 3-stage Accelerated Ideas planning package including:

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