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Move your business idea faster and plan your launch

From concept to package, mobilisation and research, prepare your launch essentials.

Whether you are just starting out or exploring a new business idea, the Business Kick-starter gives you the best advice to launch your venture.

The $895 Business Kick-starter package:

  • 3 x 90-minute sessions with business consultant Paul Wilson
  • Fully explore your plans to conceptualise, create new products, get started, and monetize
  • Each session summarised to progress towards your tailored action and launch plan

Use the Business Kick-starter’s flexible timing within 3 months, and set flexible session agendas.

This package is designed for executives, business owners or start-ups in late concept to planning phase. 

The Business Kick-starter is a series of in-depth sessions designed to expand your business ideas from key concepts into executable goals.

What do we discuss?

  • Review big goals and prioritise ideas
  • Assess the feasibility of business growth options
  • Conduct market and product research
  • Analyse your business and commercial model
  • Review your existing implementation plans

Over 3 x Business Kick-starter sessions we help you explore the challenging questions of packaging your idea, turning that into a product or service, mobilising fast, and rapidly assessing the viability of your idea to generate success.

Once our Business Kick-starter consultations are complete, you are ready to drive out product, services, and system launch plans.

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