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"Beware of the Shark's Fin" - 3 Lessons from Jaws about Business Disruption.

In the epic 1975 movie Jaws, the ominous presence of a shark’s fin cuts the ocean surface.

A young woman leaves an evening beach party on New England's Amity Island to go skinny dipping, only to be dragged back and forth and then pulled under the water by an unseen force. 

How a keep it simple idea with paper glue took over the world.

How a keep it simple idea with paper glue took over the world.

Try and imagine any trip to the stationery store when your fingers didn’t itch to grab a stack of yellow Post-its to help organise your thoughts on that 400-page report.

And yet … it’s just paper and glue. The Post-it is proof that the simplest ideas are often the most effective. This doesn’t mean that its genesis was a simple process, however.

Back in the late-1960s, Dr. Spencer Silver of 3M was working on an ultra-sticky glue, and instead came up with a glue that couldn’t bond with any surface permanently. He launched his product without much success, and kept tinkering.

Innovation Myths - 3 Eureka Moments of the Lone Wild Haired Inventor

There is a strong narrative in our culture about the lone, wild-haired inventor. 

The genius with the ‘lightbulb moment’ who elevates the ordinary into the extraordinary by leaping out of a bath or scribbling feverishly into the night. The one in a billion. 

That narrative drives a lot of ‘eureka moment” thinking around driving innovation

It’s probably time to put that narrative to bed.