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Damn them, or praise them, you'll never forget the dirty dozen - Who is protecting the value of your program investment?

For people who like their Hollywood casting ultra-manly, The Dirty Dozen has the lot. Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas, John Cassavetes and many more make up a crack team of murderers brought together to assassinate opposition officers in World War II.

The Dirty Dozen’s team-based plan to thwart Axis’s D-Day attack allows them to reach their goals – in the most unorthodox way.

Although I’m better bathed and shaved than these guys, the film reminds me of my years in corporate environments.

Without identifying the value of your program, it all goes a bit haywire (minus the grenades and sniper bullets), and rapid value loss on your program can occur.

 The central principle of my service is planning. Before I start with clients, I emphasise that research frequently shows a high risk that up to 70% of strategies fail to deliver on their goals. The initial investment value is wasted or greatly diminished not only by poor implementation, but also unclear goals, weak business engagement, and inappropriate management and leadership.

Want to get value and pull off your own mission?

Here’s my Dirty Dozen.

 12 killer ways to lock in program value and protect your investment

 1.      Lay the groundwork. Create a rapid pre-business case to ascertain market viability.

2.      Stage early workshops to rank stakeholder and customer needs

3.      Complete a proper business case or a financial/value analysis to determine viability

4.      Know your financial, business rules – and include in all relevant operational costs

5.      Stage a proper team and stakeholder kick-off

6.      Get your whole team to read the business case

7.      Create proper SMART metrics that quantify success.

8.      Tangibly define your team’s contribution to the business goals

9.      Create a proper design plan

10.  Make, kill or proceed decisions at the end of the business case, plan and design

11.  Cull unnecessary scope in design and involve key stakeholders in the journey

12.  Drive out specific high value goals via 60-90 day drive plans with key mini-milestones delivered every 5-10 days

 Without careful attention to your own ‘Dirty Dozen’, your organisation’s investments are in grave danger. It’s prudent to entrust your ideas to a seasoned campaigner who can provide a program plan to manage the value, including brand, reputation, risk, and employee engagement.

 Ideas Accelerator is an easy and proven 3 step method that helps people rapidly act on their ideas, get concepts to market faster, engage customers and be more profitable.

Contact Paul Wilson here  - For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about turning great ideas into action.

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