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Is your startup idea, a prosperous business or just a passionate hobby?

Messages on every Facebook wall about ‘following your passion’ make people feel warm and gooey – but do nothing to turn business ideas into reality. 

Consider how the fitness industry has boomed over the past decade, with a lot of fitness-lovers wanting to monetize their passion. At one end of the spectrum, a personal trainer sets up at the local park to service a handful of clients. At the other end, there is Michelle Bridges. Now listed on the BRW Rich Women list in 2015.

As a business consultant who helps turn amazing ideas into action, one of the very first questions I ask my clients is “is it a business… or a hobby?” 

In his book The Five Parts of Every Business, Josh Kaufman defines a business as a repeatable process that:

1.    Creates and delivers something of value 
2.    That other people want or need 
3.    At a price they’re willing to pay 
4.    In a way that satisfies the customer’s needs and expectations 
5.    So that the business brings in enough profit to make it worthwhile for the owners to continue operation 

In only 5 steps Kaufman has considered value creation, marketing, sales, value delivery, and finance. That’s a lot of planning before a business even launches! And with a good ally and advisor, you’ll keep you on track to make more money. Michelle Bridges is an inspiration to thousands, but I doubt very much she got where she is now without expert advice.

Between passion and reality there’s a gap. In that gap there’s a cost. Are you willing to sit down with a trusted advisor and figure out if your business idea is worth it?

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