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How to create your own Fox Force Five Team?

 In the famous Jack Rabbit Slims Restaurant scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Mia (UmaThurman) discuss her role in the TV pilot Fox Force Five.


This fictional show is referenced across the Quentin Tarantinoverse, and describes a female hit squad with complimentary skills.

The scene goes like this…


We all had special skills. Somerset had a photographic memory, the Japanese fox was a Kung Fu master, the African girl was a demolition expert, the French fox' specialty was a femme fatale.

Vincent: What was your specialty?

Mia: Knives.

Idea Accelerator Fox Force Five

 While your senior team doesn’t need flick knives and high kicks to excel (although in some workplaces it may help!), to get the greatest speed to market, the delivery of your great business ideas will benefit, if you have a team with diverse talents.

What would your elite team look like to get your project off the ground? 

Who would be on your Fox Force Five team?

 To truly accelerate your ideas, a selection of these experts will help you turn a great concept into a functioning business:

·         The Visionary

·         The Business Planner and Expert

·         The Finance Expert

·         The Product Manager

·         The Designers

·         The Marketing Maharishi

·         The Sales Team

·         The Technical Experts

There is also more to building this crack team than simply finding the strongest personalities in your workplace.

 According to Bill Gross of Idealab:

“I believe that every company needs a strong senior team to be successful, however, I feel that “strong” needs to be complemented by “different.” If the senior team has the same views, or is too close to one another, I feel there will not be enough thoughtfulness on both strategy and execution towards success.”

He goes on to say that finding those diverse skills and strengths is not an easy task, yet it is vital to find and use those different viewpoints. Not only that, but to integrate those views into better decisions.

Over hundreds of startups and business innovations, Bill Gross has seen how assembling a high functioning, diverse team of talent works time and again. “I have seen this type of teamwork matter more than the idea, more than the timing, and even more than the capitalization of the company, and thus I believe it is one of the most, if not the most critical factors in success.”

So who’s in your elite team to deliver your great business ideas into action?

Idea Accelerator can help you assemble your own Fox Force Five.

Ideas Accelerator is an easy and proven method that helps people rapidly act on their ideas, help get concepts to market faster, engage customers, and be more profitable.

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