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It only takes one great business idea to change a lifetime


Idea Accelerator help you move from the shaky beginnings of a great idea to successfully executing your big goals

Idea Accelerator works with Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to move from initial fuzzy concepts to the market launch of products your customers love

You want to get your best business ideas from the whiteboard to market – and do it fast.

Kickstart your business concept with Idea Accelerator’s range of cost-effective and tailored packages. 

We can dramatically increase your business success saving precious time and money. 


How do we accelerate your business ideas?

  1. Evaluate and boil down your best business ideas
  2. Prioritise key business outcomes
  3. Build your implementation plan 
  4. Launch into the market

Working with business consultant Paul Wilson, we create a personalised implementation plan to build a viable, workable business from that first exciting idea.


Paul Wilson turns concepts into commercial reality.

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